Child and Adolescent Therapy

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Children and teens are in a process of continuous and rapid development. I seek to embrace the dynamic nature of these years, matching my interventions to the developmental age, communication style, and emotional needs of your child, while remaining flexible and ready to change course as your child’s needs change. 

When helping younger children, ages 5-10, I often utilize Play Therapy, which focuses on imaginative play and makes use of toys, costumes, puppets and role-play to express and process emotional issues.  In addition, I may also use games, art, books, sand tray and talk therapy with your child.  

Common issues addressed include: anxiety, ADHD, behavioral issues, grief/loss, divorce, sibling conflict, chronic illness, and social aggression.  

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With pre-teens and teens, ages 11-17, therapy moves more into the talking realm, however, games, art, music, sand tray and role-play may still be comfortable and effective means of expression for your child. 

Common issues addressed include: anxiety, depression, divorce, social aggression, screen-dependence, gender/sexual identity, and academic stress. 

As a general practice, I simultaneously work with parents and key family members to help them best support their child’s growth and progress.