Clinical Approach

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I work primarily from a Relational Orientation.  Whether I am meeting with you alone or together with your partner or family members; I seek to help all parties recognize and make changes to the communication patterns and dynamics that are keeping you trapped in conflict, disconnection or misunderstanding.  Together, we practice safe, direct, empathic communication, breathing fresh air into your most important relationships.

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In addition, I draw upon a Developmental Perspective in my work with most clients.  By considering where we are in life’s journey and the developmental tasks facing us at this moment, it helps us consider a larger context for our struggles and often unearths a deeper layer that we didn’t know was driving us.  Together, we can ask and start answering questions such as: What do you need right now to continue your growth?  How can you reach an important developmental milestone?  How do you get to the next stage of your life?  What’s keeping you stuck in your current stage of life? 

My personal style has been described as warm, direct, active, humorous, conversational, and hard-working.  Though I sometime utilize silence or pacing techniques to add focus or intensity, I am definitely not a “sit and stare” therapist.  My goal is for you to experience your best self in therapy and we can do that through genuine connection and engaged dialogue.